Loads & Groups

Blue Grass Richmond

Friday, December 2, 2022

9:00 AM

1 ld Strs, BLk, 875lb– H. Ray (Maupin Farm)

2 lds, Mostly Blk, 875lbs- R. Rose

1 ld Strs, Blk-Char, 825lbs– D. Winkler

1ld Strs, Blk, Fancy, 800-825lbs– G. Reed

1ld Strs, Mixed, 700lbs– J. Issacs

40 Strs, Blk Yearlings, 700lbs– J. Clawson

1ld Strs, 60% Charx, 40% Blk-1000lbs– D. Turner

3lds Strs, 70% Blk, 900-925lbs– Turner

1 Ld Strs, Blk 925lbs– C. Combs

1ld Strs, Charx, 900lbs– C. Combs

1ld Strs,  BLk, 850-875lbs– C. Combs

49 Hfrs, Weaned 3 Months, 600lbs– L. Stewart

16 Strs, Yearlings, 750-775lbs– L. Stewart

40 Strs & Hfrs, Weaned long time, 500-700lbs– J. Reece

40 Strs & Hfrs, 500-600lbs– M. Isaacs

20 Strs & Hfrs, 500-600lbs– D. York

18 Strs & Hfrs, Weaned, 500-600lbs– M. Coyle

8 Hfrs, replacement quality, 600-700lbs– J. Robinson

6 Cow Calf Pairs, 6 Bred Cows, Blk & Charx Bred to Blk Bull, - T. Childers

25 Young Cows– B. Minerich


Blue Grass East

Monthly Cow Sale

Friday, December 2, 2022
6:30 PM

34 all blk cows, 3-5 year olds, bred to Angus bull, Spring calvers, fancy, Cynthiana.

19 cows and 1 Angus bull, 3 calves, all blk, young to middle aged, Clark Co.

15 blk and red Angus, 2nd calf, bred to Black Angus bull, Grayson.

21 blk and red cows, 10 with calves, Lawrence Co.

12 cows, all blk, 2/3rd calves, Montgomery Co.


Blue Grass Campbellsville

Monthly Cow Sale

Friday, December 2, 2022

7:00 PM

3 blk 2 year old bulls Campbellsville

20 blk bred cows coming with 2nd & 3rd calves,

due to calve in the spring  Hodgenville

30 mostly blk cow/calf pairs 7 bred cows Greensburg

30 blk bred cows 7-9 few with calves Lebanon


 For more information, call the barn at 270-465-4051

or Ronnie Choate 270-766-8240. 


Blue Grass Lexington

Monday, December 5, 2022

Following Feeder Sale

Complete Dispersal

1 bull GV Denver 718G 3/11/2019

10 cow calf pairs 1- 11yo, 1-8yo, 4- 6yo, 4- 5yo, 1- 4yo

calves born 7/9/22 to 9/23/22

1 non registered black cow

3 springer cows 3

1 red 6yo, 2 black 1 - 6yo, 1 - 7yo


Blue Grass Richmond

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