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33 Farm Grown Premier Bred Heifers
Angus/Hereford Cross (BWF)
Angus/Hereford Cross (BLACK)
Angus (BLACK)
Heifers weigh approximately 1,100 lbs.
Natural Bred to Solid Rock Angus bulls:              Exposed April 18—July 6
· AAA19016693 CE+15, WW+65, YW+112, MM+36
· AAA18676109 CE+12, WW+58, YW+97, MM+30
Pelvic measured before breeding averaged 183 cm (160 new standard).
Target dates for calving:
· 4 head due January 25, 2020
· 13 head due February 6, 2020
· 11 head due February 28, 2020
Genetic testing has been performed on these heifers.  15 tested homozygous black for color.  Full Genetic evaluation results available.
Excellent disposition!  Hand fed for 6 months from first day of weaning.
Vaccination history available.
Mother cows and bulls available for viewing.
Call Jim Akers at 859-361-4221 to schedule your selection today.



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