Stanford - South

Contact Info

Telephone: (606) 365-0665

277 Cordier Road
P.O. Box 438
Stanford, KY 40484

Manager: David Holt
Telephone: (606) 365-0665

Office Manager: Ashley Smith

Sale Schedule

12 Apr

South Cattle Sale

Blue Grass South | Monday | 8:30 AM EST
12 Apr

South Holstein Sale

Blue Grass Stockyards South | Monday | 11:00 AM EST
15 Apr

South Cattle Sale

Blue Grass South | Thursday | 8:30 AM EST
16 Apr

South Cow Sale

Blue Grass South | Friday | 6:30 PM EST


Thursday, April  8 2021

8:30 AM

1 Load Strs 550lb, Blk, Pi-Neg-Terry Gourtney

1 Load Strs, 850lb, Charx- Helm Farms

1 Load Strs, 675lb, 95% Blk- David Campbell

1 Load Hfrs, 725-750lb, Mostly Blk-Shell Farms

1 Load Hfrs, 725-750lb, Mostly Blk -Marty & Justin Hatchett

1 Load Strs, 1025lb, Blk- Jason Elliott

2 Loads Strs, 725-750lb ,Blk- Nick Adams

1 Load Hfrs, 650lb, 50% Blk- Nick Adams

1 Load Hfrs 700-725lb 95% Blk- Rick Hunley

2 Load Strs, 850-857lb, Blk/Char- Buck & Earl Cooper

1 Load Strs, 825lb, Mostly Blk- Trampas Montgomery

100 Strs/Hfrs, 600-750lb, Mostly Blk- Johnny Reed

39 Strs/Hfrs, 500-650lb, Mostly Blk, weaned-shots- Henry Spalding

40 Strs/Hfrs, 500-700lb, Mostly Blk, weaned-shots-Campbell Farms

80 Strs, 750lb, Mostly Blk, weaned, shots-Chris Atwood

20 Strs/Hfrs, 500-700lb- Larry & Joyce Leece

20 Strs/Hfrs, 400-600lb, Blk, Homeraised-weaned, shots- Jacob Weaver

12 Strs/Hfrs, 500lb, Blk, Weaned, Shots-homeraised- Tamme Farms

12 Strs/Hfrs, 500lb, Blk, Weaned, Shots-Homeraised- J Tamme

60 Strs/Hfrs, 450-600lb, Weaned, Shots- Leavell & Payne

75 Strs/Hfrs, 500-650lb, Mostly Blk, Weaned-Shots-Reynolds Family

30-35 Strs/Hfrs, 400-600lb, Mostly Blk-Weaned 60 days, 2rd Shots- Curtis Dixon

75-80 Strs/Hfrs, 650-800lb, Blk/Char, Homeraised, Weaned, Shots- Brent Brockman





Cattle Sales

Every Monday & Thursday at 8:30 AM

Cow Sales

3rd Friday of Every Month at 6:30 PM


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