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Bluegrass Stockyards 
4561 Iron Works Pike
Lexington, KY 40511

Manager: Adam Menker              Telephone: (419) 310-5344     


Office ManagerAmber McCall            Telephone: (859) 255-7701          Email:

Internet Field Representatives:        
John Campbell 276-782-5595
Tom Daniel 770-468-0535
Todd Hurt 606-233-1401
Ralph Ketchie 919-818-2984
Shenandoah Valley Livestock/
Daryl Bowman 540-325-8255
Corey Story 606-209-1543
Mark Sullivan 615-587-2303
Billy Wallace 256-303-7097
Jason Wareham 660-492-7670                          

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Internet Auctions

2nd & 4th Tuesday of Every Month

1:00 PM

Watch Auctions Live at

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