South Cattle Sale

From 8:30am to 5:00pm

Special Notes

2 load steers, black/ char, 850lbs—Buck Cooper
1 load black steers, 825-850lbs—Helm Farms
1 load black steers, 825-850lbs—Reed/Yowell Farms
1 load steers, 92% black, 775-800lbs—Colby Parton
1 load steers, 70% black, 775-800lbs—Patrick Horn
1 load black heifers, 650-675lbs—Eli Thompson
50 mixed steers, 625lbs—Roy Noe
100 steers & heifers, black/char, weaned/shots, 600-700lbs— Bowman/Sears
50 black steers & heifers, weaned & shots, 700-800lbs— Reed/Yowell Farms
30 steers & heifers, weaned & shots—Buck/ Earl Cooper
39 black steers & heifers, weaned & shots, 550-650lbs—Jamie Barker
 35 steers & heifers, 2 rounds shots, home raised, weaned 60 days—Bill Russell 

Blue Grass Stockyards South

277 Cordier Ln , Stanford, KY 40484

David Holt


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