Richmond Cattle Sale

From 9:00am to 5:00pm

Special Notes

61 steers (charx, will sort one load and sell light cut behind) 925-950lbs—Jerre Reams Estate
65 mostly black steers, 800-825lbs— Cross Creek Farm
64 steers (50  black, 14 xbred) - A. Rose
56 steers ( black, char) 900lbs—B. Davis
52 mostly black steers, 1000lbs—Hale & Gortney
A.C. Combs
60 black steers, PI NEG, 800-825lbs
57 black steers, PI NEG, 825-850lbs 
57 steers (black, char), PI NEG, 875lbs
64 mixed steers, 800-825lbs—Hord Farm
93 steers (81 black, 12 Char) PI NEG, weaned, precond, 2rd shots, 525-550lbs—B. Davis 

Blue Grass Stockyards Richmond

348 K St , Richmond, KY 40475

Jim Dause


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