Richmond Cattle Sale

From 9:00am to 5:00pm

Special Notes

59 mixed steers, 900-925lbs—McCord Farm
62 black steers, 775-800lbs—R. Congleton
60 black steers, 850lbs—R. Congleton
59 mixed steers, 650lbs—R. Congleton
60 Holstein steers, 800-825lbs—W. Combs
56 steers, black/ char, 875-900lbs—B. Davis
150 mixed steers, 650lbs—Deaton & McKnight
60 black steers, 800-825lbs—A.C. Combs
58 steers, black/ char, 875-900lbs—A.C. Combs
35 steers, black. Char, 875-900lbs—Combs & Cox
80 mixed steers, 625-650lbs—T. Davis
 30 mostly black steers, 500lbs—B. Anglin
31 mostly black steers, 600lbs—B. Anglin
51 mostly black heifers, all home grown, weaned, 550lbs—B. Anglin
Richwood Farms
All have been vaccinated, weaned and home raised
25 steers, 500-800lbs
25 heifers, 500-800lbs   
65 steers & heifers, not weaned, home grown, shots, knife cut—J. Carpenter
150 black calves, not weaned—B. Ramsey 

Blue Grass Stockyards Richmond

348 K St , Richmond, KY 40475

Jim Dause


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