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Sale Schedule

22 Aug

Richmond Cattle Sale

Blue Grass Stockyards Richmond | Tuesday | 10:00 AM
22 Aug

Maysville Cattle Sale

Blue Grass Stockyards Maysville | Tuesday | 10:30 AM
22 Aug

Internet Sale at BG South

Blue Grass Stockyards South | Tuesday | 1:00 PM
23 Aug

East Cattle Sale

Blue Grass Stockyards East | Wednesday | 8:30 AM
23 Aug

Campbellsville Cattle Sale

Blue Grass Campbellsville | Wednesday | 10:00 AM
23 Aug

Albany Cattle Sale

Blue Grass Stockyards Albany | Wednesday | 9:30 AM
24 Aug

South Cattle Sale

Blue Grass Stockyards South | Thursday | 8:30 AM
25 Aug

Richmond Cattle Sale

Blue Grass Stockyards Richmond | Friday | 9:00 AM

Upcoming Special Sales

Lexington Monthly Cow Sale

Wednesday, September 27 6:30 PM

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Lexington CPH Sale Schedule

  If you have CPH Cattle to consign give Amber or Steph a call at 859-255-7701!

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Futures Brought to you by Bromagen Commodities 859-255-9483

Upcoming News

Blue Grass Regional Marketplace

A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be held Friday, September 8, 2017 at 1:00 PM to mark the opening of the Blue Grass Marketplace.  The Blue Grass Regional Marketplace, located at 4561 Iron Works Pike, Lexington, Kentucky,  i...

Bringing A Vision To Market

Check out the great article in the June issue of Cow Country News about the Blue Grass Regional Marketplace! #wearebluegrass #morethanastockyard #eatshoplearntillthecowscomehome   Click here to read the article! ...

Blue Grass Stockyards Management Team

PRESS RELEASE – June 5, 2017 – Lexington, KY   The owners and management of the Blue Grass Livestock Marketing Group are excited to announce the management team for the rebuilt Blue Grass Stockyards at 4561 Ironw...

Blue Grass Country Listings

Click here to be directed to cattle for sale in the country!

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